Beginner Rock Crawling

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Beginner Rock Crawling

Post by forum-guru » Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:01 pm

Polycor is a beginners run to rock crawling. Most technical areas can be avoided if you aren't comfortable doing them. The exit on the other hand is not avoidable and listening to direction is a must.

I have done it in a bone stock trailblazer which only had 8 inches of frame clearance. But you will drag your frame. Skid plates are a must. Full size trucks may not make it out the exit and some of the short trails are tight. Aggressive tires are needed, airing down helps a lot.

Bring food and water.

Meet Place: 59er
Meet Time: 9:30 AM (Roll-Out @ 10AM)
Date: Saturday, April 28
Location: Polycor
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