Deer ticks

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Deer ticks

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Surveillance - October 2nd, 2017

Blacklegged (deer) ticks will be active until the temperatures are consistently below 4 degrees Celsius.

Nymphs from the spring have molted into adults which are now looking for a host before winter. Fed ticks can lay up to 3000 eggs rapidly increasing tick populations.

Blacklegged (deer) ticks can carry various bacteria which can be transmitted to humans when feeding. Tick-borne illnesses that are reportable in Manitoba include Lyme (borrelia), anaplasmosis, and babesia. One tick bite can infect you with all three bacteria.

The best way to prevent Lyme disease is to prevent a tick bite. Use repellants containing 20% deet or 20% icardin, showering when returning home and doing proper tick checks is very important.

If you happen to see a tick when out, please submit a picture to MB Health tick checker for identification. It is important to keep the tick until they have had a chance to identify it as they may request that it be sent in for testing.

If you are bit, use proper removal methods – NEVER smother or agitate the tick as this increases your risk of infection.

For more information visit: ... index.html or contact us with questions.

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